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Information-Seeking Behaviour

Violence Prevention
July 10, 2017
Ethics and Research with Young People
July 10, 2017

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Reporting on effective strategies and programs that help children and youth access the mental health information they need.

Abstract: Youth experience mental health differently, depending on their cultural, social and economic positioning. It should come as no surprise that these same factors also influence the way in which young people find information and support related to mental health. Studies have shown that young adults in Canada have higher rates of mental health concerns compared to other age groups, and yet they have lower rates of accessing mental health services. This knowledge synthesis report attempts to shed light on the information-seeking experiences of youth. There is a need to provide mental health information in various formats in order to take the many different needs of youth into account. It is important to engage youth in the creation of spaces and activities that support mental health knowledge. Ultimately, this will serve to increase youth mental health literacy and the capacity of youth to recognize disorders and risk factors and to seek the necessary and relevant support.

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Summary Document

This document presents a summary of the information found in the CYCC Network’s knowledge synthesis report Information-Seeking Behaviour of Young People & Mental Health, which brings together existing research and practice-based knowledge to explore how youth seek information related to mental health. This report highlights the different pathways that youth use to find out about mental health, and examines the complex barriers that make it difficult for youth to access the mental health information they need.

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Policy Checklist

Our policy checklist will help you and your organization put the recommendations from our Information-Seeking Behaviour of Young People & Mental Health report into action to help young people access the mental health information they need. Download your checklist then print and share!

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Prepared By

James Bray


David Este, University of Calgary

Maria Luisa Contursi, mindyourmind

Alicia Raimundo, CYCC Network’s Youth Advisory Committee

Christa Sato, CYCC Network’s Youth Advisory Committee

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