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Supportive Environments

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July 10, 2017

Full Report

Reporting on effective supportive service environments to help children and youth with complex needs.

Abstract: This report reviews the effectiveness of supportive service environments that have been used to help children and youth with complex needs. These include children/youth with intellectual disabilities, children/youth with severe emotional and behavioural disorders, aboriginal chiqldren/youth, homeless youth and refugee or displaced children/ youth. Mental health being at the centre of the complexity, these children and youth have multiple serious issues that compromise their physical, mental and emotional well-being and development. In order to best meet the needs of these young people, interdependence between different services and systems is an important principle. Effective models identified fall within three categories: child/youth focused, family-centred, and community-based interventions. It is because of the complex needs of these young people that the provision of services from different disciplines across various service sectors is crucial.

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Summary Document

This document presents a summary of the information found in the CYCC Network’s knowledge synthesis report Creating Supportive Environments for Children and Youth with Complex Needs. Many children and youth have ‘complex needs’ with multi-dimensional problems. Addressing these challenges require complex intervention strategies involving a variety of services and supports. This report brings together existing research and practice based knowledge to explore how we can work together to create holistic, supportive environments where young people can thrive.

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Policy Checklist

Our policy checklist will help you and your organization put the recommendations from our report Creating Supportive Environments for Children and Youth with Complex Needs into action. Download your checklist then print and share!

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Prepared By

Helend Wolde


Michael Ungar, Lisa Lachance and Isabelle LeVert-Chiasson

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