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An online toolkit designed to help you evaluate, share, and improve your work with vulnerable children and youth.

About the Toolkit

This free online toolkit contains reports, policy documents, videos, how-to-guides, surveys, questionnaires, and other tools created by Wisdom2Action and our partners.

Get help creating a knowledge mobilization plan, discover how to self-evaluate your own program or service, and learn about best and promising practices for improving the mental health and well being of vulnerable young people. The tools are easy to use and almost all of them can be downloaded for free directly from the toolkit.

Partners and Contributors

The Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation Toolkit is a collaboration between Wisdom2Action and our regional Hubs:

  • Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health (the Centre) in Ontario
  • Centre de liaison sur l’intervention et la prévention psychosociales (CLIPP) in Quebec
  • Qaujigiariit Health Research Centre (QHRC) in Nunavut
  • Resilience Research Centre (RRC) in Halifax

Each Hub has contributed their own set of tools to the Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation Toolkit.


Designed to help you evaluate, share, and improve your work with vulnerable children and youth.


With Wisdom2Action's evaluation tools, we are able to track both the success of our programs and the individual resiliency of each youth in our programs. This helps us to better serve their needs and ensure that our programs are working for them. Having online tools for evaluation helps with convenience and ease. The tools are also useful because they track both short and long term variables. W2A's tools are a great resource for the YWCA Halifax and simplify program evaluation.

Dee Dooley, Program Manager, YWCA Halifax

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